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Operational Management
Know what your systems are doing

It’s 10 PM – do you know where your jobs are? Your hundreds of jobs? Your thousands of jobs? Your tens of thousands of jobs? Whatever! Real-world management of complex operations is a tough and dirty job, and everybody knows that.

Ab Initio® makes a real dent in the problems confronting operations staff: Conduct>It® provides graphical process orchestration, as well as complete job monitoring and scheduling. These capabilities can be run independently – customers with traditional enterprise-class schedulers may continue to use them and leverage just the Conduct>It monitoring facilities.

Control>Center®, the Operational Console for Conduct>It, can track tens of thousands of jobs and their dependencies and, in a monitoring dashboard, show status and performance information for each. Red-light/green-light signaling, alerts and alarms, and SLA warnings all come from this information. The Operational Console can slice and dice the stats of all those jobs, as well as log them in the Enterprise Meta>Environment® (EME®) for long-term historical and capacity-planning analysis.

Learn more about Conduct>It and the Operational Console.